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Hi, welcome to the Nt's World Wiki! It's Ntpockets (even though Tjdrum2000/TjsWorld2011 founded it), and I am just saying my Wikia account is coming soon, but it is TBA for now. --Ntpockets

Hey there, it's TjsWorld2011. Welcome to my third fanon wiki, the Nt's World Wiki, the ultimate database focused on my friend Ntpockets' series Nt's World. Right now I'm just here to get out the fact that you shouldn't expect this to be an exact copy of my wiki, the Tj's World Wiki. That's all I want to say, so bye for now. --TjsWorld2011/Tjdrum2000


  1. No Swearing and Inappropriate attire here.
  2. Nothing that is Non-Canon (unless I am writing it). Nt's World Fanfiction Wiki is coming soon.
  3. Have fun!

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